A little about who I am

I will make this pretty general, just so you get a flavor of who I was, and who I have become. I was raised in a middle class family, the middle child of 5 children. My father was a hard working man, usually holding 2 jobs. My mother was a homemaker. My dad was a protestant and my mother a Catholic. We were raised as nominal Catholics.
I graduated from high school, received an Associates degree from the local Community college.
I served 6 years in the Mass. Army National Guard. I was not a bad person, although I was very worldly.
Let's start with stealing candy and cigarettes from the corner store starting around 8 or 9 years old, and go from there.
As I became a young man alcohol, sex, fast cars and rock&roll were my gods. I married for the wrong reasons, had one child and later divorced after 23 years.


During the time of the divorce I began searching around at a few churches looking for "something", but not knowing what. I had occasion to come into contact with this amazing woman thru a mutual acquaintance. Though we did not meet each other for over a month we had many long conversations on the phone. Turns out she was looking for that "something" too. Once we started dating we began going to various churches in pursuit of something more than the catholic church offered.
There were a lot of churches to choose from and after a while we found one that seemed to be different than some of the others. We started attending and heard, for the first time, about a "relationship with God".
After a period of time we began attending a Bible study where I was saved. Amazing changes started happening in my life. Not any big "WOW" moments, just little things such as my vocabulary, thoughts, etc. lost a lot of the worldly stuff. We were baptized and married in 2003.

So moving on, where am I now? I have led quite an interesting life in my spiritual walk. I have served as an Elder in a church, preached on multiple occasions, and served in many capacities. I have been volunteering for over 5 years as a speaker with The Voice of the Martyrs. This has given me the opportunity to speak at more than 90 churches in 5 states, sharing the message of the persecution of Christians around the world.
I have met many individuals who are former victims of persecution and heard thier stories of the horrible things they experienced. This has certainly given me new perspective on what it means to be a Christian. I hope that this website will give you a new perspective on this also.

Interestingly, I discovered years after I was born again, that there were people praying for me for just that to happen. They prayed daily for years. God has a plan for our lives, and He will be faithful in pursuing us for His purposes.

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Scripture is from the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted