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Bill Webster has several areas that he desires to have an impact on. When he puts it all together, it is his ministry. Learn more on the "about" page.
Bill desires to share the gospel with all who do not have a relationship with God through Jesus! More on this on the "Salvation" page.
Bill serves Christians who are persecuted through his volunteer work with The Voice of the Martyrs and Open Doors USA.
Bill also believes that the Bible is full of prophecy, some that has been fulfilled and some that are yet to come. It is his desire that everyone, Christians and unbelievers, understand and be prepared for what lies ahead. See what is comming the "Prophecy" page.
Bill has written a book and may write more. Learn about the book and where to order on the "Books" page.



Learn what Salvation is, why you need it and how to attain Salvation and Eternal Life

How do I get "Saved"?  
Is there any other way?

These are interesting questions that you may be asking. Becomming "Saved" is a very simplistic activity, but it must come from the heart. Listen to Pastor Greg Laurie and see if your heart is ready to accept the free gift of Salvation.
Billy Graham explains why there is only one way for anyone to be saved. Listen to what he has to say.

Both of these messages can be found on our "Salvation" page.